Jiří Zahradníček

After graduating from Brno University of Technology, he decided to deepen his knowledge at the British Bournemouth University, from which, in addition to the title, he also gained managerial skills, practical skills and an international overview.

Since 1993, he has been further deepening his practice in the form of improving processes or implementing new strategies and procedures in various technical, business and managerial positions. Major employers in his professional career are Hewlett-Packard, PREGIS, MERIIS and INTEDO. He gained key experience in the implementation of many different projects, which were mainly focused on ICT optimization for business support, business process analysis, maximizing the use of business information systems, implementation of complex solutions such as SAP, implementation of ITSM tools, etc.

He currently works at INTEDO, which provides solutions for service management automation, testing automation, implementation of robotics in practice, and focused on supporting the transformation of IT operations, such as creating a catalogue of competencies, etc.

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