Radim Petráš

Radim Petras studied Information Technology at VŠB-TUO. During his studies, he joined Scandinavian company Tieto and soon he began to operate in the field of IT services management. Among other things, he managed the Service Desks department in the off-Scandinavian countries with a total of 120 employees. In this role, for example, he has expanded his team by establishing a department in India or led a program for automation of the Service Desk for the whole corporation. Three years ago, he joined StoraEnso’s internal IT division, working in the woodworking industry. StoraEnso has branches or manufacturing plants on all inhabited continents with a total of 26,000 employees. At StoraEnso, he worked until November 2017 as the Onsite Support Manager and also for the Service Desk. Since the end of Service Desk consolidation, he has been Head of IT Service Management.