Rudy Kozak

After graduating from CVUT, Kozak left for the USA in 1985. Rudy never decided for a career related to his degree in civil engineering, and from the very beginning of his career he tended to gain experience in sales, marketing, direct business and working with customers. After eight years in the United States, Rudy returned to Europe. In the years 1994-2001, he founded and led the Czech branch of the US company Compaq Computer in Prague. For Hewlett Packard, Kozak was active in regional roles in the states of the former Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union. 

In 2015 he completely changed the industry – from IT environment to pharmaceutical – until September of this year he was the CEO of Astellas Pharma for the Czech Republic and Slovakia. In addition to the already mentioned experience, professional interest in the field of selection and education of corporate talent was added. Rudy Kozak would like to keep on in this area in the future as well. 

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