Věra Škultétyová

Since 1997 I have been the CEO of IVE-AGENTURA, s.r.o., which is in the field of human resources, financial and process control. We focus on comprehensive solutions to key areas of company´s internal processes with the aim of recognizing and developing the so-called corporate DNA. We are working on the principle of partner counseling, using our specialties and expertise, for example, my experience in the field of graphology and psychology of fonts, in creating personality profiles, characteristics of job seekers, forming working collectives, in solving crisis situations.

Since 2010 I have intensively participated in educational projects within the Operational Program Human Resources and Employment, funded by the European Social Fund as a diagnostic, lecturer, creator of the content of educational modules, as a psychological advisor.

In these projects, I will always benefit not only my experience of personnel work, but also knowledge of psychology and fully use the work with the manuscript. And from these projects I can name the most interesting – “Targeted measures on the labour market in the Zlín Region I -III”, “Royal Chance or Come and Work in England”, “I do not lose step – for better position of women 55+ on the labour market in the Zlín Region ”

I operate in the field of adult education, I devote myself to individual counselling, in 2015 I became a forensic expert, in the specialization of graphology. I analyse hand -font, be it will, handwritten documents, letters, notes. The purpose of my font exploration is always different, it depends on what my font analysis will serve. Not only courts, police, but also companies and private individuals turn to me. Every professional task is unique, everyone requires different processing, each of my expert opinion is a little different.

Graphology or psychology of the font is one of the diagnostic methods used in court expertise and clinical psychology. Conscious training of handwriting can be compared to therapy because it leads us to inner peace and slowly changes our character traits. I also deal with coaching, personality development through font.

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