Agile, the way to go! – Eddy Peters (EN)

Thursday 20. 1. 2022, 10:55 - 11:25 (Hall Africa)
ITSM a lidé


Agile is a well-known and proven approach in the development departments. With the introduction of ITIL 4, that need of being agile is now an integrated part of providing service to our market. And we need to do it ‘end-to-end’, involving all relevant organizational capabilities for that flow experience. So let’s copy-paste the existing agile practices from development into service management? Right! Well, there are a few pitfalls to consider.

In this presentation we will investigate that being an agile organisation has a different definition, depending on where you ask. Not understanding that difference, will impact collaboration between development and the service organisation in a profound way. As a result, the agile promise of providing quality quick, might turn out to be a recipe for fast failure, impacting the user experience negatively. And that is something both developers and service practitioners don’t want. In understanding the difference, we can explore what can be done to assure that agility fulfils that promise, becoming an enabler for constant value driven user experience.

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