Using Kanban in IT Operations (Martin Vitouš)

Pátek 24. 1. 2020, 10:30 - 10:55 (hall A1 AFRICA)
IT Service Management


In principle, an IT organization does two things, runs existing IT services and introduces new ones. In both cases, some activities are visible, and some are not. For activities that are not visible, we can see less motivation of workers to perform them, but also management to finance them. Yet they are important, and we cannot do without them. For example, their absence creates something called technological debt. It gradually and covertly slows down and increases the cost of IT. Let us show in this lecture how to make them more visible and thus increase the motivation to perform them. This is one way to build a high-performance IT organization.

Martin Vitouš, Consultant, trainer, mentor, coach & facilitator,, Ltd.