DevOps Workshop – Common Problems and their Solutions (Vladimír Kufner)

Pátek 24. 1. 2020, 10:30 - 11:25 (hall A2 ACT)


The workshop will be first started by selecting of 3 – 4 of total 12 themes, which are the most interesting to the audience. For the chosen topic I will always summarize what is the ITIL´s  approach this, what is the DevOps´s approach this and then we will talk in free discussion, what are the indicators of that we are doing it wrong (Anti-patterns), on the contrary the indicators of that we are doing it well (Patterns ) and, finally, the principles and practices that you should adhere to in relation to the selected topic. Unselected topics will be the subject of itSMF CZ mini workshops dedicated to DevOps.