Digital HR: luxury, necessity or hemlock for HR, IT, managers and employees (Martina Šmidochová)

Friday 22. 1. 2021, 09:50 - 10:15 (Hall Africa)
Digitální transformace

Digitization changes the operation of companies, requires new knowledge for employees, also promotes motivation and attractiveness of employees. Let’s take a look together at practical examples from the point of view of hr manager, manager and employee.

HR Manager:

  • Positive approach: “Digitisation can help to change the role of getting more time to support managers through HRIS, digital workflow using electronic signatures. I can focus on new ways of reaching out to talent, retaining employees and preparing the basis for managerial and business decision-making, etc.”
  • Negative attitude: “Digitization – takes my job, they fire me, I have to convince IT….”


  • Positive attitude: “I have access to data to my people, the HR manager gives me interesting questions, he knows my business. Wow there are interesting tools for me to train myself by gamifying, it gives me flexibility”
  • Negative attitude: “Why should I deal with any employee system, that’s the job of a recruiter. Why does he force me to put a position in the system, let him do it for me…..


  • Positive attitude: “I have a great experience on boarding, I played a game and I have an overview of the company, people and internal processes. I can apply for a holiday straight from my phone, etc.”
  • Negative attitude: “Why does it force me to learn what I don’t need for my daily work? I’ll sign the printed papers, read the guidelines… and they still want me to go to some online training, no one has time for that.”

What does an IT manager and HR manager have in common?

They’re business partners.