Digital transformation and inspirational leadership (Jan Zadák)

Friday 22. 1. 2021, 09:00 - 09:45 (Hall Africa)
Digital transformation


  • The ongoing and unprecedented digital transformation of the global economy has a major impact on every industry and segment of the market, all business models, every country and every business
  • It presents, on the one hand, a huge challenge, but, on the other hand, a huge opportunity
  • New technologies, disruptive and often exponential innovations accelerate the speed of change around us, our economic, social and working environment
  • There is a growing pressure to increase productivity and find new ways to maintain and develop competitiveness, efficiency and long-term sustainability
  • New challenges are growing in terms of human resources, the ability to attract, retain, motivate and develop human capital and human potential
  • Industry 4.0, technological advances, digitisation, automation and robotics, the interconnection of artificial intelligence (AI) bring new demands to the continuous development of our knowledge, skills, abilities and competences, which are key to everyone’s success in the new digital world
  • A new era of knowledge and skills economy has arrived. The role of leaders is changing, but so are all of us. The basis of long-term sustainability is the right vision and strategy, enthusiastic customers, an effective system of leadership and management, but especially leadership, innovation, the development of the right corporate culture and the ability to adapt