eGovernment cloud in Czechia – conception and actual state (Jiří Voříšek)

Thursday 21. 1. 2021, 10:35 - 11:00 (Hall Africa)
Digitální transformace

Main points of the lecture:

  1. Reasons for the creation of eGC
  2. Objectives of the eGC
  3. Structure of eGC and its services
  4. Basic rules of eGC operation
  5. eGC security – security levels, ex-ante and ex-post control of services
  6. Economics of eGC – TCO – the basis for decisions on the use of eGC
  7. Decomposition of IS in terms of the use of eGC and hybrid cloud services
  8. Catalogs of eGC services
  9. eGC legislation – current and future versions of the law
  10. Experience resulting from the preparation and semi-annual operation of the eGC