Failure is needed, to show we are all wrong – Albert Van Veen (EN)

Thursday 26. 1. 2023, 13:50 - 14:15 (Hall 1)
Od projektu k (digitálnímu) produktu?


The use of biometrics and an airport offers many opportunities. The current travel process is full of ID and tickets checks. Causing more stress for already stressed passengers.   

Access with biometrics is a good idea, that creates energy with everyone. But what is next? The Board wants a “complete design” and “detailed project plan”. They want to include all stakeholders; Airlines (not one, but more than 50) all departments in the Airport, the border control police and the government. So many stakeholders, all with their own requirements. And who owns the passenger data. The Airlines, believe is them, as they bring in the clients?  Or the airport, we are talking about access on their premises. A supplier that says it is “nice have to agile processes”, but they need a “proper design” before they will develop anything as we are dealing with biometrics. And last, but not least, the data privacy departments telling us that using your biometrics for access is something that is now allowed…  

All ingredients to fail “very slow” and “very big”.  And that is what happened all over the world. The travel industry failed big and slow, causing long queues. The solution – Fail fast and gracefully. Work with one stakeholder and one process a time. Failure is needed, to show we are all wrong. And that we need to our change our current way of thinking to achieve a new result. A presentation that shows the only way to really change is to realize we are all wrong.