Graceful high-velocity digital product value stream failure – Mark Smalley (EN)

Thursday 26. 1. 2023, 10:00 - 10:30 (Hall 1)
Vysokorychlostní IT (HVIT) a value streamy


This presentation dances around the conference’s main themes: graceful failure, high-velocity IT, value streams, and digital products. It offers some touchpoints that other presentations may explore in more detail. It draws on the presenter’s books (ITIL 4 High-velocity IT, Reflections on High-velocity IT, and Reflections on Product to Product) some white papers he (co)authored (DASA’s The Business Value of DevOps, and IT4IT’s The IT Operating Model), and several of his LinkedIn articles. 

Graceful failure: Dave Snowden’s Cynefin sense-making model and Richard Cook’s How Complex Systems Fail paper help us survive in an intrinsically imperfect and unpredictable world. 

High-velocity IT: the ITIL 4 High-velocity IT publication, that the presenter wrote emergently with 22 co-authors, explores many useful non-IT topics including ethics, design thinking, safety culture, working in complex environments (based on Cynefin), and lean culture. It is based on lean, agile, resilient and continuous ways of thinking and working, and is aimed at the co-creation of valie together with the service recipients. One of the author’s favourite parts is the five objectives, which he has now expanded to six. These help us decide on our highest improvement priority. 

Value streams: this is also explored in ITIL 4 High-velocity IT, and in other of the presenter’s publications. In Reflections on Product to Product, he extends the scope of Mik Kersten’s Project to Product book. He makes the case that most organization’s value streams stop too early, at the provider’s door. They have provided a great car, but until it is driven well, and in the right directions, no value is realized. So, who is responsible for ‘product usership’? This is also a good opportunity to share some thoughts about how IT services are experienced. This part will refer to ITIL 4 Drive Stakeholder Value and two related white papers, and the presenter’s thoughts on Experience-dominant Logic. 

Digital products: this is a good ‘hook’ for an exploration of how IT work is organized when dealing with digital products as opposed to traditional internal IT services. The IT4IT white paper The IT Operating Model will be referenced.