How leaders can overcome the challenges of translating new learning into practice! (Paul Wilkinson)

Pátek 24. 1. 2020, 09:15 - 09:45 (hall A1 AFRICA)
IT Service Management


It has been said that you cannot teach anyone to swim or ride a bike by sending them to a seminar. Yet, we seem to ignore this key fact when we need to upskill our staff in IT!

As a leader in IT, you’ve probably seen how people come back from training and certification experiences and often struggle to apply their new knowledge in the real-world pressure-cooker environment of today’s busy IT organization. By their very nature, many of today’s IT certification programs – whether ITIL 4, or DevOps, or Lean – seem to focus on theoretical possibilities. All good knowledge indeed; but, how do you apply the concepts back at work?

In this session, Paul will explain how new thinking needs to be applied when planning training for staff. In particular, the following questions will be discussed:

How should leaders set objectives for training?

What options do leaders have for imparting new practical knowledge to staff?

How can leaders and staff make new learning “stick” – and what does this really mean?

How can we know when training has been effective – is there a way to measure?

Are business simulations effective; what are they; and what are the pros and cons of this option versus more traditional classroom training?

Paul Wilkinson, GamingWorks, Director and owner