How we were inspired by ITIL, in good and in bad sense, when negotiating a new contract (Bohdan Urban)

Čtvrtek 23. 1. 2020, 15:15 - 15:40 (hall B BLANÍK)
IT Service Management


The presentation will deal with the activities of the Ministry of the Interior (MoI) in relation to the projection of the basic elements of project management in the negotiation of the so-called New Main Contract between the Ministry of the Interior and the NAKIT, s.e. (state enterprise) .

The provision of the majority of services covering the management and operation of the MoI´s communication infrastructure was covered by a contract entered into in 2018, which was concluded in 2008. Furthermore, activities of NAKIT s.e. were added (consultations and operational activities respectively infrastructure management resulting from implemented projects, – 2014).

Already in 2014, the MoI in co-ordination with the Police of the Czech Republic and the Fire Rescue Service as the users of these services, it proceeded to a comprehensive redefinition of the original contractual relationship, when the main purpose was coclusion of the new contract fully reflecting the needs of MoI, esp. a new model of monitoring and reporting services and corresponds to the current requirements of the Ministry of the Interior. The overall concept of the relationship has changed from (primarily) lump sum payments to a gradual transition to performance financing.

In principle, it was agreed to provide (a) infrastructure services of the “ICT operator” in the area of infrastructure (so-called general services), (b) optional ICT services for end-users (departments) in the form of customer services and (c) ad hoc services On – demand services including consulting services.

Support for the requirements management as well as the activities of the Price Committee and the Steering Committee and to provide overall support for change management in 2019 will be provided by the relevant MoI department (i.e. OPITK).