Is this the END of ITIL? No, it is the end-to-end of ITIL! (Paul Wilkinson)

Čtvrtek 23. 1. 2020, 09:15 - 09:50 (hall A1 AFRICA)


ITIL4 has been out for a year. There are many shiny new certificates.

But what is the ‘Value’ proposition of ITIL4?  We hear feedback from the market such as ‘ITIL4 is theoretical, how to translate theory into practice’, ‘How to demonstrate the relevance of ITIL4 – many stakeholders are suspicious and do not see ITIL as relevant in these days of Agile working’. The new definition of a service is based on ‘co-creation’ of value, but what is value and how do you get the business to buy-in and apply effective IT governance to prioritize scarce resources against exploding demands? ‘How do we get buy-in from the other stakeholders in the value chain. People from SILO’s who won’t go on ITIL training such as Dev’? In this session we will explore how ‘experiential learning’ has been effectively used to address these challenges and show concrete, pragmatic takeaways, revealing what one CEO said about ITIL4 after this type of learning intervention.