IT Executive as David Copperfield – how to move others with no “power” over them for the success of digital projects/transformations? – Krzysztof Ogonowski (EN)

Thursday 26. 1. 2023, 14:20 - 14:45 (Hall 1)
Od projektu k (digitálnímu) produktu?


It is hard to imagine serious business transformation without solid digital component nowadays. So called “IT projects” are in fact more “business projects” than ever, not only bringing new technology, but also significantly impacting users’ Ways of Working. One needs to accept that the success of such projects depends on adoption and usage of new solutions as much as on the technology we implement. Thus, the capability and competency to manage organizational change can make or break IT projects. 

  • how to make such projects successful, 
  • how to make users following new Ways of Working 
  • how to align them with company corporate culture 
  • how to shape the culture, if needed? 

These are samples of challenges to be addressed during this speech, based on widely used Prosci research in Change Management and based on speaker’s experience of 20 years of projects implementations.