ITIL4 – How does the real Digital company look like? (Jan Hospes)

Thursday 21. 1. 2021, 10:35 - 11:00 (Hall Blaník)
ITSM trendy 2021


We are now in the new digital era. Companies are trying to transform their businesses into the brand-new shape. The majority of them found that it is possible to change their way of working very fast. We all need to look at our old duties from a new perspective. Author of this presentation would like to think about: 

  • Why didn’t we transform earlier? 
  • What is the main power of our current digital transformation? 
  • Is our motivation to change sustainable? 
  • Do we want to change? Really? 
  • How can we keep our organizational transformation active?  
  • What are tools used to support the transition to the digital organization?  
  • What is new, and what is old?