ITIL4 – The next generation. Customer Value! (Paul Wilkinson, EN)

Thursday 21. 1. 2021, 09:15 - 10:00 (Hall Africa)
ITSM trendy 2021

Digital transformation – the latest industry buzzword driving ‘agile transformations‘ and the adoption of new ways of working such as Agile and Devops, all in an attempt to deliver Value to our customers and value to our business.

ITIL4 is the latest ITSM framework which talks about Value systems, Value chains, Value streams. Yet we have been talking about Value for years in ITSM and struggling? Why do we struggle? What do we need to do differently if we are to succeed now in this age of digital transformation? One problem is that Value looks different to whichever stakeholder you ask. The Business? Development? Operations? The Customers? The Users?  ITIL4 talks about the ‘co-creation’ of value. What does this mean?

These are some of the challenges and questions we will explore in this session. Looking at current ABC (Attitude, Behavior, Culture) challenges from more than 50 organizations in the last 2 years year as well as the results of a recent survey into ITSM value related capabilities carried out by itSMF CZ.