Limits of digital transformation: IT and infinite human potential (Petr Vlk)

Thursday 21. 1. 2021, 11:05 - 11:30 (Hall Blaník)
Digital transformation


For several years we have heard the trend and the need for digital transformation at every conference and presentation. However, the real impact on the economy, organizations, IT services, their security, or users has always been rather in the extent of those PowerPoint presentations. 

Two months later, the coronavirus forced the world to move everyone forward by two years. Turns out having online meetings is good. Remotely managed devices can be managed and that offices are not the company’s security perimeter. Users at home are still dealing with the same problems from a broken internet cable to a malfunctioning computer. However, within a few days they overcame IT‘s efforts to reduce their creativity. 

What challenges do we face and will we face? Isn’t IT still behind, or does it now have a huge opportunity to become the department that can see and can keep the company operating even in this new standard of hybrid work style? Or does he still have time because we are waiting for the user?