New information visualizations for new ways of managing services (Robert Falkowitz, EN)

Friday 22. 1. 2021, 12:00 - 12:25 (Hall Africa)
ITSM trends 2021

This presentation describes a variety of visualization types that could be very useful for managing services but are rarely seen. I will build upon my distinction between “data visualization” and “information visualization”. There are many reasons for this rarity:

  • visualization creators are not aware of the chart types and their usefulness
  • the tool developers reuse charting libraries that do not include those types
  • the recipients of those chart types might not understand them at first sight
  • organizational inertia drags down the desire to improve or innovate
  • the tool developers do not perceive there to be a demand for chart types other than the ones they offer.

In this article there are not included the types of charts that are commonly available in the tools service managers tend to use: integrated ticketing tools and spreadsheet tools. These charts—bar charts, dot plots, area charts, radar charts, pie charts, bubble charts, diverse gauges, combinations of these types and yet several other types—tend to be designed for data visualizations rather than information visualizations. They are a form of baby talk in the realm of visualization. Let’s try to use a more mature language to communicate our messages.

The presentation will include a discussion of the various types of visualization tools, ranging from the simplest to the most sophisticated, and how those tools are valuable for managing services.

I will then describe about one dozen different types of visualizations and how they might be useful for managing services. Special mention will be made of how many of these visualizations relate to practices described in ITIL 4.