Jiří Skála

18th Annual Conference itSMF Czech Republic

About speaker

IT manager

Jiří Skála is a recognized principal consultant at GuideVision, where he excels in his field. His lectures and workshops are known for combining deep technical knowledge with practical, real-world examples, helping participants to understand complex concepts better. Skála is distinguished by its unique ability to adapt the course content to the specific needs of the audience, thereby increasing interactivity and engagement. His conference papers are recognized for their timeliness, innovative insights, and strategic thinking in IT and service management. This text was generated by the GPT-4 chatbot.

Agenda of the speaker

How will AI transform the ITSM profession?

Thursday, January 25, 2024
Room: Multilingual stage
14:00 - 14:25

There are opinions that the introduction of new AI applications will lead to the demise of some professions, the IT field and IT Service Management without exception. It is therefore appropriate to ask the question how AI will affect applications existing and many years of experience chiseled methods and procedures of design, planning, implementation and operating IT management systems? Is AI able to provide ITSM to consultants and managers effective help? Is, for example, AI capable of designing an ITSM process or value based on input data stream for a specific environment? Or perhaps no ITSM consultant or ITSM manager will be needed, because AI will manage the IT environment much better and more efficiently than humans? See area for example AIOps.
In this post, we will briefly summarize what AI is and summarize the articles that have already been on topic of the influence of AI on the future of the ITSM profession published. We will also ask the chatbot this question GPT-4. First of all, we will examine whether existing AI applications really show signs of being genuine intelligence, using several concrete examples in several AI tools. The goal of these demos will be provide some evidence for the claim that ITSM professions will not disappear, but will transform into one in such a way that they will require higher and more detailed professional knowledge than before. But only until before artificial general intelligence (AGI) becomes available.