18th Annual Conference itSMF Czech Republic

AI in IT services

Comfort Hotel City Prague

January 24 - 25, 2024

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Should IT service management be intelligent?
And should it be managed by artificial intelligence?

The world of IT service management and enterprise service management is rapidly evolving. The hype surrounding artificial intelligence could strongly influence it. The advent of artificial intelligence (AI) understandably does not avoid information technology services either. Anyone familiar with it can certainly name a few areas where AI is already being applied. At the same time, it is quite obvious that, like any new technology, AI also brings with it new (not only business) but also security risks.

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Conference theme

  • How IT operations have changed since AI became much easier
  • What is the impact of AI on IT projects
  • How IT security is affected
  • Who benefits from artificial intelligence and who is at risk
  • What are the limits and risks of AI in Service Management
  • Risks
  • Technological view (AI, AR, IoT, BIgData, ML/DL, AIOps …)
  • Customer View (CX)
  • Best practices/continuous improvement
  • Workforce trends
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Ivor Macfarlane

ITIL/Devops Trainer

Since his first job 1976, Ivor has been involved with delivering services, and with IT servi...

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Rob Akershoek

ITSM Consultant

Rob Akershoek is many things - Digital Operating Model Advisor, IT4IT Architect, ITSM Consul...

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Lucie Nová

Consultant and coach

Project and Test manager. Focused on work for banks and telco operators on projects from IT ...

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Martin Vitouš

Founder & Executive Head ict-123.com

Martin has been in IT for nearly 30 years. During that time, he has gone through everything ...

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Zdeněk Valut

CEO of agency YDEAL

CEO of marketing and technology agency YDEAL, specialist in AI tools in advertising and thei...

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Vlastimil Poláček

President of the Czech Chamber PMI

Vlasta has been working in the field of project management for more than twenty years. He ga...

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David Skowronek

ServiceNow Senior Principal Platform Architect

With 18 years of experience in Information Technology, David is renowned for his expertise i...

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Jindřich Kasal

CEO S&G Consulting

While studying at VŠE, Jindřich joined the software division of Hewlett Packard as a presale...

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Jiří Skála

IT manager

Jiří Skála is a recognized principal consultant at GuideVision, where he excels in his field...

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Jan Strakoš

Director of the Trade and Consumer Legislation Department of the Ministry of Industry and Trade

Since 2021, he has been the director of the Department of Trade and Consumer Legislation at ...

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Dean Clayton

OpenText Senior Service Management Product Manager

Dean Clayton, Senior Service Management Product Manager at OpenText, began his service manag...

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Gabriela Dostálová

Vicepresident for development Czech Chamber PMI

Gabriela specializes in process management, team processes, clients and achieving KPIs. She ...

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Jakub Novotný

MLOps & Data Science Expert

Jakub has been creating and shaping the fields of Machine Learning and AI at Telekom for mor...

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Stephan Brendel

CFO itSMF Germany

Stephan Brendel is CFO at itSMF Germany and the Regional Manager for Europe and Latin Americ...

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David Alimov

DevOps Architect

Ing. David Alimov works as a DevOps Architect at KPCS CZ, where he helps customers with DevO...

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Jaro Tomik

Chief Technologist for Digital Enablement

Chief Technologist for Digital Enablement, certified in ITIL4, AgilePM, SCRUM Master, Atlass...

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The organizing committee of itSMF Czech Republic

Patrik Šolc

Chairman of the Board

Dan Petřivalský

Vice Chairman of the Board

Jaroslav Rokyta

Member of the Board

Hana Žaludová

Chairwoman of the Marketing and Publication Committee

Vladimír Váňa

Chairman of the Certification and Education Committee

Vlastimil Ráb

Conference moderator

Partners of the conference

Platinum partner

S&G ConsultingOpenText

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PumpeduICT-123IntedoSabi Consulting

Special partner


Technological partner



The event will take place at Comfort Hotel City Prague, Bečvářova 2081/14, 100 00 Strašnice


itSMF Czech Republic, z.s.

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