Theme: How do humans keep pace with technology acceleration in the digital age?  What is the future of ITSM, Technology and People? 

1. ITSM & People  

2. Leadership & new skills in the digital age 

3. The future of IT and technology – opportunity or risk for people? 

4. No Digital but Cultural Transformation  

Conference patronage 2022

Deputy Prime Minister for Digitization and Minister of Regional Development PhDr. Ivan Bartoš, PhD. and Professor Ing. Jiří Voříšek, CSc. took over the patronage of the 16th annual itSMF Czech Republic conference.

PhDr. Ivan Bartoš, PhD., Deputy Prime Minister for Digitization and Minister of Regional Development.


prof. Ing. Jiří Voříšek, CSc., pedagogue and scientist in the field of SSME (Service Science Management and Engineering), strategic management of information systems, system integration, methodologies of IS / ICT development and operation and IS / ICT outsourcing.


Jiří Racman

Jiří is IT executive director at Eurowag. He is responsible for development & Infrastructure & Operation. Jiří has experience in banking and telco area.

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Radek Moc

Radek Moc has been involved in IT for 30 years. Recently, he has mainly focused on IT transformations in the field of processes and culture, as well as in the field of IT architecture. He is currently an independent consultant in the areas of digitization and IT transformation.

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Petr Koubský

Petr is a Czech publicist, information and communication media analyst and educator. He works as an editor for science and technology in Deník N. He has written and translated several books on IT, teaching at the University of Economics and the Faculty of Arts, Charles University.

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Michal Bláha

Michal Bláha is the co-founder of atlas.cz, an entrepreneur, investor, holder of several Crystal Magnifiers, including Project of the Year and Personalities of the Year. He is also responsible for the foundation and the state management project HlidacStatu.cz.

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Ondřej Profant

Ondřej Profant, former deputy and representative of the capital city of Prague, today Deputy Minister for Regional Development and Deputy Prime Minister for Digitization Ivan Bartoš.

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Zdeněk Zajíček

With his team, Zdeněk created the Czech POINT system, Data Boxes and Basic Registers in the first years of the new millennium. Since 2016, he has been the head of ICT UNIE and since the autumn of 2020 he has been the vice-president of the Chamber of Commerce.

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Evgeny Vasilyev

Evgeny is a Business Development Manager with a 12 year experience in technology services and selling ITSM and ITOM solutions. He is also a certified ITIL Expert.

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Roman Jouravlev

Roman has been working in ITSM since 2002 as a practitioner, consultant, trainer and author. He is an ITIL 4 architect, co-author, and reviewer. 

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Jiří Zahradníček

After graduating from Brno University of Technology, he decided to deepen his knowledge at the British Bournemouth University. He currently works at INTEDO, which provides solutions for service management automation, testing automation, implementation of robotics in practice, and focused on supporting the transformation of IT operations

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Aleš Špidla

Aleš is the president of the Czech Institute of Information Security Managers, the guarantor and pedagogue of the MBA study program "Management and Cyber Security" and the co-guarantor and pedagogue of the LL.M program "Information Protection" at the CEVRO Institute.

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David Převrátil

Lead Consultant at Devoteam Alps & International Centre of Excellence with the main focus on IT Project Management and Agile Leadership.

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Jan Hospes

Jan's domain is consulting in the field of IT service management, ITIL, IT Governance, including audit preparation, design and implementation of processes and tools, as well as training of specialists and managers.

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Filip Vacula

Filip acts in the ITSM field for 7 years. As a GuideVision consultant he has the opportunity to observe the implementation and usage of ITIL processes at a wide portfolio of customers.

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Vladimír Kufner

Vladimír worked in Research Institute of Telecommunications, Deutsche Telekom Werke, Philips, Logica and Hewlett-Packard. He was newly entrusted with the management of the Architecture Board TMCZ / ST. 

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Ján Uriga

Ján works as a strategist in a network of highly specialized companies, where he focuses on projects in the field of strategic change management, customer experience, innovation and corporate culture.

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David Barák

David has been optimizing licenses and their costs for many years, primarily at Oracle. He has worked for a number of large companies such as Alcatel-Lucent, Cisco, Citrix, Oracle and OpenText. 

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Tereza Křetínská

Tereza has more than 10 years of experience in communication and change management at the international level. Since 2020, she has also been actively involved in improving employee experience, especially in the field of scope of human resources.

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Rudy Kozak

After graduating from CVUT, Kozak left for the USA in 1985. In the years 1994-2001, he founded and led the Czech branch of the US company Compaq Computer in Prague. Later he worked for Hewlett Packard and Astellas Pharma.

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Oldřich Šrubař

Oldřich is currently active as a consultant for KPCS CZ. He focuses mainly on cloud technologies, focusing on Microsoft products (Azure, M365) and their security.

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Martin Vitouš

Martin has been in IT for nearly 30 years. The last few years he has spent with consulting and training in strategic, project, process and personal management, mainly focusing on IT.

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Lenka Pincot

Lenka Pincot is a leader of organizational transformations and strategic changes. Her focus is on enhancing business agility by building a culture of efficient teams and aligning business and IT strategies.

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Vladimír Dzurilla

Vladimir currently holds the position of Chief Executive Officer of the State enterprise the State Treasury, Shared Services Center. He also serves as Advisor to the Prime Minister for ICT and Digitization.

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Paul Wilkinson

Paul Wilkinson is the director and owner of GamingWorks. He has been active in ITSM for over 30 years as a senior consultant, service development manager and ITIL creator.

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Kaimar Karu

Kaimar has been working at the intersection of digital technology, business development, and policy-making for more than 20 years, most recently as the Minister of Foreign Trade and Information Technology of the Republic of Estonia.

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Jiří Voříšek

Jiří Voříšek is Professor Emeritus and former Head of the Department of Information Technology at the Faculty of Informatics and Statistics of the University of Economics in Prague.

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Eddy Peters

Eddy Peters is a principal ITSM consultant at CTG, combining plus twenty years of managerial, technical and process working experience in IT. He is continuously in search of ways to optimize the relation between business and IT and deliver integrated services which maximize the capability of the organization to deliver the expected business outcome.

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