We have barely been able to process the findings and impressions of the 14th conference, they are already at the full pace of preparation of the 15th conference. The central theme of the last conference was the new version of ITIL, i.e. ITIL4. The lectures, workshops and panel discussions have raised many other questions about the direction in which IT services will develop in the near future and what will be driven by this development. This clearly identified the focus of the forthcoming conference. 

In this spirit, the topic and program blocks of the conference are focused. Here are some questions we’ll ask you: 


Until the last moment, we optimistically hoped for a standard course of the conference in the pleasant environment of a Prague centre. However, Corona virus decided for us that the 15th annual conference of itSMF CZ will take place online in the form of two parallel streams on Thursday, January 21, 2021 and Friday, January 22, 2021every 9:00 a.m.  to 1:00 p.m.. 

The program is prepared in cooperation with CACIO, itSMF International and itSMF Slovakia. 

The focus of the conference, as already mentioned, is based on the findings of the past conference. And under the motto DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION AND BUSINESS SUPPORT aims to bring answers to the following questions. 

What will the future of corporate IT look like? During the first half of 2020, most organisations deployed more ICT innovations than in the previous few years together. How has it changed and will it still change IT Service Management (ITSM) and IT Operations?  

It is good to constantly remind yourself that the great work of the great people you have acquired and invested in their professional development is behind the success in every business. Success in ITSM is closely aligned with the foursome “people, processes, partners, technologies” (respectively). Now, more than ever, it is true that the opportunity and the need (now even a necessity) to make effective and cost-effective changes through products, services and completely new approaches never ends! 

This will set the future of ITSM and IT operations, which can be described as “fit-for-purpose.” 

There are a huge number of changes happening in the provision and support of IT services right now. The technologies used, business models, user habits, customer priorities are changing. What never went suddenly must, what was unimaginable is now self-evident. 

IT organizations and service providers need to understand, consider, and anticipate business and IT trends to remain relevant to their customers. 

Patronage of the 2021 Conference

Prof. ing. Jiří Voříšek, CSc., university teacher and consultant for areas of SSME (Service Science Management and Engineering), strategic management of information systems, system integration, methodology for development and operation of IS / ICT and methodology for outsourcing of IS / ICT, ASP. Adviser to the Deputy Minister of the Interior of the Czech Republic for ICT.



Ing. Vladimír Dzurilla, Dip Mgmt, Chief Executive Officer of the Shared Services Center of the State Treasury, s.e., Adviser to the Prime Minister for ICT and Digitization, the Plenipotentiary of Government for IT and Digitization. His main areas of interest are transformation projects in the telecommunications, finance and government sectors.

Organizing Committee

Robert Krajča


Lucie Nová


Jaroslav Rokyta


Dan Petřivalský


Patrik Šolc



Dan Petřivalský


Vlastimil Ráb