Peter Svoboda

18th Annual Conference itSMF Czech Republic

About speaker

CEO KRONE Consulting

Peter has devoted his entire professional life to the quality of software and the efficiency of its development processes. He has been in IT since 2006, from leading test teams, crisis project/test management and consulting at AVG and Capgemini, he has shifted the focus of his activities to line management. Currently, since 2016, he has been leading the company KRONE Consulting from the position of CEO, which provides consultations, knowledge and expert capacity to dozens of clients primarily in the DACH region, the USA and in his native Slovakia. Added value and the ability to see things in a broader context are important to him, and he tries to support his employees in this as well. He is an enthusiastic future-optimist, which is why he has been investing in R&D in the topics of AI, VR and XR within KRONE for several years. Despite this, he believes that a positive business case for the solution is more important than the technology itself. That's why he never tested software for a nuclear power plant.

Agenda of the speaker

How to lose Time, Money & Quality in AI-hype wave

Thursday, January 25, 2024
Room: Multilingual stage
15:30 - 15:55

Peter's speech is about journey through major technological waves in the past, present time and future.

What they looked like? What they brought? What we as both Companies and Society lost with them? And what we as Managers could learn from them to make our decisions where to direct our focus, effort and assets more sound and future-proof?

Speech is based in "IT Project World Reality", but will bring also lessons learnt and surprising parallels from areas you may not find related from distant view. 

Target audience covers both people responsible for IT Projects planning & delivery as well as people responsible for Companies IT Strategic vision(s), your open mind and critical thinking would be triggered.

WARNING: You may leave with more bugging questions in your head than you had before the presentation, so please attend on your own risk.